Photos 2013

Fighting counterfeiting

Euronews On the front line / 26 November 2013  Info

Euronews producer Paul Hackett talking to customs officials while cameraman Bjarne Woortman is making shots of container terminals in the Rotterdam harbour.



OPCW wins Nobel prize

NHK News / 11 October 2013  Info



NHK Europe correspondent doing live stand-up in front of OPCW headquarters.



Orthodox jews fighting genetic diseases

ARD Europamagazin / 6 October 2013  Info


ARD Orthodox jews fighting genetic diseases


ARD journalist Michael Heussen interviewing Joseph Weiss after the Torah inauguration.



The arrival of the Yong Sheng

NHK News / 10 September 2013  Info



NHK Europe correspondent Takashi Ichnose covering the arrival in the Rotterdam harbour.



Fears over EU's foreign fighters

Euronews On the frontline / 29 August 2013  Info



Euronews reporter Paul Hackett talking to Abdelkarim Honing before the interview.

The future of fishery discards

ARD Europamagazin / 8 August 2013  Info



ARD correspondent Marion von Haaren interviewing fisherman and fish dealer Jan Geertsema.



Jack to a King documentary

YJB Films / 25 June 2013  Info



YJB crew filming outside shop John van Zweden in the Hague.



European victim protection

Euro News Right On / 30 May 2013  Info



Euronews reporter Seamus Kearney interviews Cees Nierop, a lawyer specialised in stalking.



The investiture of the King

SRF Tagesschau / 30 April 2013  Info



SRF Europe correspondent Jonas Projer doing live stand-up on Dam square in Amsterdam.



Before the corronation

SRF Tagesschau / 30 April 2013  Info



Henriette Engbersen interviewing local, claiming part of pavement for the traditional Queens Day flea market.



Preparing for the new king

ZDF Mona Lisa / 25 April 2013  Info



German-Dutch family Boer having dinner in Amsterdam. Filmed by Marc Godefroy.



Controversy over King's song

ARD Brisant / 22 April 2013  Info



Cameraman Armand Nieuwenhuizen filming preparations for the coronation on Dam square in Amsterdam.



Why Ajax fans identify themselves with jews

Joodse Omroep / 21 April 2013  Info



Frans Bromet talking with rabbi Shmuel Katz, after the interview in a synagoge in Amsterdam.



The price of the Dutch monarchy

SRF 10 vor 10 / 17 April 2013  Info



SRF correspondent Jonas Projer interviewing writer/journalist Philip Dröge on Dam square in Amsterdam. Filmed by Raymond de Saegher.



Beatrix visits Europa school in Bergen

ARD Brisant / 12 March 2013  Info



Cameraman Jan Wich filming queen Beatrix arriving at the Europa school in Bergen.



Verdict Shell court case

ARD Mittagsmagazin & Tagesschau / 7 February 2013  Info



Filming exteriors of the The Hague court, before the start of the trial.

Dutch queen announces resignation

ARD Mittagsmagazin & Tagesschau / 28 January 2013  Info



ARD reporter Michael Heussen doing live stand-up for ARD Mittagsmagazin in front of palace Noordeinde in The Hague.


How the Dutch fight youth unemployment

Euronews Reporter / 25 January 2013  Info



18-year old Gillian is getting vocational training in the Innovation Dock in Rotterdam. Recorded by cameraman Martin Egter van Wissekerke and soundman Auke Dijkstra.

Deployment of Dutch Patriot units to Turkey

NHK News / 7 January 2013  Info



EU NHK correspondent Takashi Ichinose interviewing Dutch General Tom Middendorp.