Photos 2014

Football match Netherlands - Kazakhstan

Kazakh TV / 10 October 2014  Info



Kazakh and Dutch supporters posing for photo before the match at the Amsterdam Arena stadium (video still).



Audrey Hepburn documentary

BBC1 - Matchline / 15 September 2014  Info


Documentary presenter Darcey Bussel filmed in the foyer of the Arnhem theatre. With director Marion Milne (right), cameraman Andrew Muggleton, soundman Chris Syner and researcher Lisa Martinson.



All Over The Place Europe

CBBC All Over The Place / 4 September 2014  Info



All Over The Place presenters Ed and Iain starring as retro hip-hop artists in front of a windmill.



Flight HM17, one month after the disaster

NHK Special Edition  / 27 July 2014  Info

NHK reporter Koji Gondaira interviewing Silene and Rob Frederiksz who lost their son Bryce and his girlfriend Daisy in the MH17 disaster. Filmed by Armand Nieuwenhuizen.


Flight HM17, one month after the disaster

NHK Special Edition / 8 August 2014  Info


NHK reporter Koji Gondaira interviewing UK police inspector Howard Way after first MH17 press conference about the identification of the victims. Filmed by Tadashi Yanagisawa.



Flight HM17, after the disaster

Deutsche Welle European Journal  / 27 July 2014  Info



Deutsche Welle reporter Oliver Glasenapp filming the flight MH17 commemoration site on Amsterdam airport.



Dutch innovation in student housing

SRF 10 vor 10  / 23 June 2014  Info



SRF reporter Fritz Muri interviewing student housing expert in an example student apartment in an empty office building, while the building contractor observes.



Shigeru Ban receives Pritzker Prize

NHK News / 13 June 2014  Info



NHK cameraman Tadashi Yanagisawa films speech of Japanese architect Shigeru Ban during Prizker Prize ceremony in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. 



Finally home

NCRV Dokument  / 26 May 2014  Info



Frans Bromet preparing for interview with Ella Schirmann.



 After the European elections

ORF Zeit im Bild / 23 May 2014  Info



Bike repair shop owner Frans van der Meer commenting on results European elections.



Preceding the European elections

ORF Zeit im Bild / 17 May 2014  Info



ORF Europe correspondent Ernst Kernmayer interviewing Geert Wilders campaigning on a market in Spijkenisse.



ANNE, a new play about Anne Frank

ARD Tagesthemen / 7 May 2014  Info



Exterior shots of the theatre where the play about Anne Frank will be performed.



Europol interview: paedophiles on darknet

SRF Rundschau / 21 March 2014  Info



Cameraman Jan Wich filming the head of the Europol Cybercrime Centre Troels Oerting in the research lab.



Finally Home

NCRV Dokument / 6 February 2014  Info



Documentary maker Frans Bromet talking to 93 year old Trijntje Niezen-van der Kley, a woman working in the factory of his uncle and babysitting him 70 years ago.