Photos 2015


Innovation in Elderly care

BBS Scotland Eorpa / 25 November 2015 Info



Interview with Buurtzorg client Nienke Schadee in Wijk bij Duurstde by Sjoerd de Vries. Cameraman Andrew Petrie. Photo Sander Kraan.



Premiere Welcome Home

Selfmade Films, KRO/NCRV, &Bromet / 23 November 2015 Info



Documentary maker Frans Bromet and his daughter and editor Silvia after the premiere of Welcome Home in the EYE Film museum in Amsterdam.



European Broadband Award

European Commission / 5 November 2015 Info



Reporter Angel Varela Pena before the interview with Edo Kweldam managing director of the award winning CAI Harderwijk. Cameraman Sjoerd de Vries.



Dutch climate stories

YLE News / 4 November 2015 Info

YLE reporter Maria Tolsa interviewing Rotterdam roof top farmer Wouter Bauman. Cameraman Pekka Tynell.

The presentation of the MH17 report

SRF 10 vor 10 / 12 October 2015 Info



SRF reporter Henriette Engbersen during recording of voice over for news reportage edit at Desmet Studios in Amsterdam. Editor Jeannine Kooistra.



The wonderful world of Gordon Watson

BBC1 / 7 October 2015 Info



Art dealer Gordon Watson taking photos of purchases at the Aldo Bakker studio in Amsterdam, while director cameraman Barney Snow is filming cutaway's.



Dairy crisis

NHK News / 2 September 2015  Info

Dairy farmer Jan Jonkman explaining new milking system to NHK correspondent Kaori Nagao.



The opening of Sail Amsterdam 2015

NHK News / 19 August 2015  Info


NHK EU correspondent Kaori Nagao and cameraman Bart van Velde at the Sail In parade of Sail Amsterdam.



The Netherlands: Don Quixote against wind energy

SRF Tagesschau / 12 August 2015  Info


Local protester Rixt de Boer explains SRF reporter Sebastian Ramspeck where new wind turbines of the largest Dutch onshore wind park will be erected. Cameraman Thomas Couplet.



One year after the MH17 disaster

SRF Tagesschau / 24 June 2015  Info


SRF reporter Henriette Engbersen doing a standup in front of the army barracks where the identification of MH17 victims takes place.



Migrant statistics

France 5 C' dans l'air / 15 May 2015  Info


Nourdin El Ouali from the Rotterdam local migrant party NIDA giving an interview to France 5 reporter Maxime Vautier.



Lifting of  European milk quota

SRF Tagesschau / 1 April 2015  Info


Cameraman Jan Wich filming in a new Dutch stable at a Dutch dairy farm that expanded to be ready for the lifting of the EU milk quota.



Interview chairman German Airline Pilots Association

ABC News / 27 March 2015  Info


Video still of James Phillips, chairman of the German Airline Pilots Association, while being interviewd for ABC news about the GermanWings plane crash.



Aggressive owl attacks residents

France2 News / 26 February 2015  Info



Video still of aggressive owl hiding for the rain on a roof of a mental handicapped institute in Purmerend.



Reduction of antibiotics on pig farms

SRF Rundschau / 12 February 2015  Info


Innovative pig farmer Hans Verhoeven shows us around in his Stable of the Future. Cameraman Jan Wich.



Barbara Hannigan interview

SRF Sternstunde Kultur / 5 January 2015  Info



Amsterdam based Canadian soprano Barbara Hannigan just before the interview (photo Jan Wich).