Photos 2016


The rise of populism

SBG Full Measure / 22 December 2016 Info


SBG Full Measure reporter Scott Thuman interviewing Dutch MP Alexander Pechtold from the Democrats'66 party in the Dutch Lower House.



Dutch plan for help with suicide legislation

ORF Weltjournal / 22 November 2016 Info



ORF Weltjournal reporter Alexander Steinbach interviewing help with suicide councillor Catherina Vasterling and one of her patients Fierman Bennink Bolt. Cameraman Peter Giczy.



Equal chances on European schools

Euronews Insiders / 15 November 2016 Info



Euronews reporter Hans von der Brelie (red scarf) in a class room of the Kandinsky College in Nijmegen. Cameraman Martin Egter van Wissekerke.



Sony Experia Twitter campaign

Firecracker Films / 1 November 2016 Info



PSV Eindhoven supporters during live streaming of the Sony Experia Champions Sofa Twitter Campaign during a Champions League match.



The presentation of the MH17 criminal report

SRF Tagesschau / 27 September 2016 Info



SRF reporter Henriette Engbersen during the reportage edit with editor Tomas Kamphuis.



The Art Lovers Guide documentary

BBC 4 / 8 August 2016 Info



The BBC4 crew filming art dealer Jan Six and photographer Toala Oliveras on the roof of the Old Church in the centre of Amsterdam.



Corporate film interview

The Packshot Company / 21 July 2016 Info


Make-up artist at work just before filming. Photo: Jan Wich.



Who Do You Think You Are

Warner Brothers Australia WDYTYR / 12 July 2016 Info



The Warner Brothers crew filming in the centre of Leiden for the Rachel Griffiths episode of the program Who Do You Think You Are.



After the Brexit referendum

ORF Weltjournal / 26 June 2016 Info



ORF Weltjournal reporter Patrick Hafner interviewing members of the Asylum Seekers Allert action group in front of an asylum seekers centre.



The Brexit referendum and EU scepticism

NHK News / 8 June 2016 Info


NHK reporter Chihiro Tanaka interviewing the owner of a shoe repair shop in Amsterdam about the Brexit referendum and about the European Union for a documentary.



The Brexit referendum

NHK News / 2 June 2016 Info



Europe NHK correspondent Kaori Nagao interviewing Thierry Baudet from the Dutch Forum of Democracy about the Brexit referendum and a possible Nexit.



Brexit in Maastricht

TF1 News / 26 May 2016 Info



TF1 reporter Guillaume Debre pinning down a microphone at Annemarie Penn-te Strake, mayor of Maastricht, before the interview.



Nuclear fears over Belgian power plants

NHK News / 22 May 2016 Info



Europe NHK correspondent Kaori Nagao interviewing a German protester during an anti-nuclear power demonstration in Maastricht.



The mermaid Swim course

Arte News / 7 May 2016 Info



Video still of girl during the Mermaid swim course.



100 years anniversary of the Amsterdam School

Arte News / 4 May 2016 Info



Video still from an interview with the currator of the exhibition 'Living in the Amsterdamse School' in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.



The Dutch Ukraine treaty referendum

SRF Tagesschau / 30 March 2016 Info



Cameraman Bjarne Woortman filming set-up shots of assistant political science professor Tom Louwerse from the Leiden University.



Europe's tough task to resettle refugees

Euronews Insiders / 24 March 2016 Info



Euronews reporter Hans von der Brelie interviewing Syrian refugee Mutea Alshara during an application course from a volunteer.



Parttime work in the Netherlands

France 2 News / 8 March 2016 Info 



France 2 reporter Magali Boissin interviewing parttime worker Yorrick van der Endt during a demonstration for higher wages for young employees in The Hague.



Criminal investigation MH17 plane crash

Ren TV News / 12 February 2016 Info 



Ren TV reporter Vitaliy Khanin doing a stand up in front of the Dutch parliament.



Dutch flower business on Valentine's day

TF1 News / 17 January 2016 Info 



TF1 reporter Axel Cariou interviewing French flower traders checking flowers at the Aalsmeer flower auction.



Donald Trump's bad business in the Netherlands

ARTE News / 11 January 2016 Info



Video still of a journalist from the Leeuwarder Courant giving interview about the bad business of Donald trump in the Netherlands.