Trump retweets violent Dutch video

ABC News / 30 November 2017 Info



ABC reporter Mike Trew doing an interview at, the Dutch internet site that published the violent video. Foto: Joost van der Wegen.



The Byrne identity

BBC Norhtern Ireland / 22 November 2017 Info



BBC presenter Brandon Holland interviewing opera singers Petra Ehrismann and Michel Poels in the Sint Bavo church in Haarlem.



The successfull fight against obesity

TF1 / 17 November 2017 Info

Headmaster of the Mijlpaal school giving interview to TF1 reporter Julien Beaumont. Camerawoman Séverine Fortin.



Netherlands second food exporter in the world

TF1 / 16 November 2017 Info


TF1 reporter Julien Beaumoont interviewing tomatoo producer Gert-Jan van der Spek in his new green house. Camerawoman Séverine Fortin.



Synthetic drugs and undermining in Brabant

ARD Europamagazin / 7 November 2017 Info

ARD correspondent Cornelia Kolden interviewing a public proescutor just after a police raid.



Prostitution in the Netherlands

BBC Eorpa / 28 October 2017 Info



BBC director Maureen Macleod and cameraman Craig McKirdy take a break in a prostitution window in Amsterdam.



Interview about Dutch prisons

France 2 / 4 October 2017 Info


Video still of criminologist Jan van Dijk giving interview in front of a former jail in Amsterdam.



The use of DNA in criminal cases

SRF 10 vor 10 / 23 August 2017 Info



Cameraman Hugues Wajnsztok pins radio microphone on Bauke Vaatstra, the father of the murdered Marianne Vaatstra, at his home.



Dutch horse meat scandal

ARD Brisant  / 17 July 2017 Info



Europol press officer Jan Op Gen Oorth giving interview to Sjoerd de Vries in front of the Europol head office in The Hague. Soundman Andre van Solingen. Photo: cameraman Martin Egter van Wissekerke.



Gas extraction causes earthquakes in Groningen

ARTE Info / 14 July 2017 Info



Camerman Sjoerd de Vries filming general views close to a gas extraction location in Groningen. Photo: Antoine Mouteau.



Asylum seekers centre in former jail

France 3 / 6 July 2017 Info



Reporter Alice Dulczewski interviewing manager Daniëlle Weisbeek- Post from the asylum seekers centre in Hoogeveen. Cameraman: Pierre Haelterman.



FTA Europe and Japan: The Dutch dairy branch

NHK News / 29 June 2017 Info



Cameraman Eric Juzen filming the traditional cheese market in Gouda.



At your age: portrait daimee

ARTE Junior / 27 June 2017 Info



ARTE reporter Antoine Mouteau interviewing Daimee on the training pitch. Cameraman: Sjoerd de Vries.



Critics on low Dutch military budget

ARTE Info / 15 June 2017 Info


ARTE  reporter Antoine Mouteau interviewing senior research fellow Dick Zandee from the Clingendael Institute.



Dutch general elections

NHK / 16 March 2017 Info



New Europe NHK correspondent Yasushi Kudo doing a standup with Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant stating that prime minster Mark Rutte managed to win from populist Geert Wilders.



Dutch general elections

NHK / 15 March 2017 Info



NHK Paris correspondent Koji Gondaira checking out exit poll results in a conference room in Hotel des Indes in The Hague.



Dutch general elections

NHK / 15 March 2017 Info


NHK correspondent Kaori Nagao (on the right) doing a live stand up with Junko Tanaka on election day. Cameraman: Tadashi Yanagisawa.



Dutch general elections

NHK / 14 March 2017 Info



Cameraman Eric Juzen filming genral Dutch views at the Zaanse Schans in Zaandam.



Dutch general elections

TF1 '20 heures' / 11 March 2017 Info



TF1 reporter Liseron Boudoul interviewing Geert Wilders while campaigning in Valkenburg.



Dutch general elections

NHK / 5 March 2017 Info



NHK reporter Yasushi Kudo interviewing Jacqueline de Boer in Grongingen about the lack of home care since the budget cuts. Cameraman: Vincent Leghait.



Dutch general elections

NHK / 5 March 2017 Info



NHK Europe correspondent Kaori Nagao interviewing the spokeswoman from the FNV care union before a debate about the budget cuts in Dutch elderly care in Utrecht. Cameraman: Vincent Leghait.



Dutch general elections

NHK / 4 March 2017 Info



NHK reporter Yasushi Kudo interviewing Dutch Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld during a demonstration in Utrecht. Cameraman: Vincent Leghait.



Elections: are the Dutch populists or liberal?

ORF Weltjournal / 21 February 2017 Info



ORF Weltjournal reporter Alexander Steinbach interviewing Dutch writer Tommy Wieringa at his publisher. Cameraman: Peter  Giczy.



Dutch general elections: Geert Wilders Superstar

SRF Rundschau / 18 February 2017 Info



SRF Europe correspondent Sebastian Ramspeck interviewing a PVV politician just after Geert Wilders left Spijkenisse after campaigning. Cameraman: Hugues Wajnsztok.



Dutch general elections

NHK / 10 February 2017 Info



NHK Europe correspondent Kaori Nagao interviewing a couple on the market in Maastricht. Cameraman:

Eric Juzen



Dutch general elections

NHK News / 31 January 2017 Info



NHK Europe correspondent Kaori Nagao interviewing Geert Wilders in the Dutch parliament. Cameraman: Eric Juzen.



Dutch preparing for winter sport

SRF Tagesschau / 31 January 2017 Info



SRF reporter filming in the in-door ski ramp Snow World in Zoetermeer.



Dutch TV-series 'If the dykes break'

ARTE News / 25 January 2017 Info



Filming general views at the Amstel river in Amsterdam. Camerman: Sjoerd de Vries. Photo: Antoine Mouteau.



New research decolonisation Inondonesia

ARTE News / 22 January 2017 Info



ARTE reporter Antoine Mouteau just before the interview with Dutch Indonesian Joty ter Kulve about the decolonisation period in Indonesia. Cameraman Sjoerd de Vries. Photo Anja van Rijs.