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6 April 2014

After all the outrage caused by the local elections speech of Geert Wilders in The Hague stimulating the public to shout for less Moroccans, the PVV is not changing its terminology. On the contrary. Today Geert Wilders presented the European elections poster of the PVV with the words 'Less EU'.

Last week the PVV published its European elections program. A short list of only a few points: leave the Eurozone and back to the guilder, close borders for migrant workers, fight 'islamisation' and reclaim money the Dutch paid for the financial support to fight the crisis.


After the 'less Moroccans' elections speech many PVV politicians left the party and 5000 discrimination reports were made to the police and via the internet site of the police more than 15.000 reports of discrimination have been made. As a reaction the Wilders asked Dutch citizens to report discriminatory statements of the social democrat leaders to the police. It is not clear if the public prosecutor will be able to prosecute Wilders.


The exodus from the PVV stopped and Geert Wilders is now surrounded by his loyal followers that supported him from the start. Also in the polls the PVV stopped losing seats. They  are now on 19-23 seats, which would make the PVV the third biggest party  after the VVD and D'66.


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