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8 April 2014

GHB, a former  anaesthetic now used as drugs, is called the new heroine. Because it is extremely addictive and the craving is much stronger than with other drugs. GHB it very easy to make. It is just a mix of rim cleaner GBL, plunger (for unblocking drains) and distilled water. Lately the Dutch are testing a new remedy against the heavy GHB addiction. Baclofen, a medicine that is often used against the addiction of alcohol.

Since many years GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid) , an former anaesthetic, is become more popular in the Netherlands as a drug. The use of GHB doubled in five years.  In 2011 the Dutch placed the drug on the hard drug list. It is known as a party drugs and also as rape drug. Users often lose consciousness. The users call this the ‘the little G-sleep’. In reality every time they have their Little G-sleep they are in a temporary coma. That’s why sadly enough many of the GHB users do not wake up anymore.


Dutch addiction specialists are worried about the use of GHB. Although the use has increased seriously, the total numbers of users is still relatively low. But the problem is that many of the GHB addicts get into serious trouble and many die. The drug is extremely addictive, the craving is very heavy and kicking the habit is very difficult, so 70% of the GHB users fall back. Much more than from alcohol addiction. GHB is very cheap, easy to make and users take small quantities (caps) regularly.


Newspaper De Volkskrant pays attention to the popular drug and to the new remedy to fight GHB addiction. As an example they describe the life of Antoine, a 26 year old man that became addicted to GHB was one of many users that died. He discovered GHB when he was 18 while going out. For a long time nobody knew about his addiction. Secretly he took small caps of GHB every few hours. But it gets from bad to worse. In only a few months Antoine ends up 25 times on the intensive care in comatose state.


His father is frustrated about the mistakes the drug rehabilitation centre made with his son. ‘As soon as he recovered they released him again and then he started to use large quantities of GHB again. Always ending with being found somewhere unconsciously and being brought to the hospital.’ In early 2012 Antoine tries for the first time to commit suicide. Only out of the rehab centre for 5 days, he jumps of a bridge, but wakes up at the intensive care again.


The problem is that GHB addicts do not think they are sick. The drug rehabilitation centres release them after they kicked the habit and then they start to use again. Even after a long and serious involuntarily admission in a rehab centre Antoine was back on the intensive care in a day. In December 2012 Antoine takes an overdose and dies on the couch of a GHB friend after being lost for days. Again he was only released from rehab for five days.


A flyer handed out on dance parties to warn for GHB gives the following long list of alarming information: GHB is odourless and tasteless, in other words is undetectable. It causes the user to become unconscious. The use may vomit and choke during sleep. Overdose can cause seizures, coma, slowed breathing and possible death. Taking GHB with other drugs can cause the lungs to stop working. Anxiety,  sleeplessness, sweating  and tremors are symptoms of withdrawal. The short term effects of GHB are: dizziness, unconsciousness, memory loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, decreased blood pressure, decreased hart rate, inability to coordinate, increased interest in sex, confusion and delirium, sleepwalking, difficulty to sleeping, muscle cramps, hallucinations, paranoia and possible death.


Source: De Volkskrant






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