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10 April 2014

The Technical University Eindhoven is testing the latest 'cooperative driving' system for cars. The cars are connected with each other wirelessly. The new form of driving will cause much less traffic jams, because much more of the space on the highway is used. It is said that in five years especially trucks will drive cooperatively because it is much cheaper. The legislation and rules will have to change seriously.

Again the Dutch are testing self-driving car systems on the public road. This time in and around Eindhoven where the technical university got permission to test the latest 'cooperative driving' system. The cars are connected with each other wirelessly. A relatively simple system where only a modem and software is needed. 


The cars in the 'cooperative driving' system drive pretty close to each other. In the Netherlands motorists are obliged to keep a distance of 55 meter in the new Dutch system the distance is only 8 metres. The first car in the train leads and the cars behind copy exactly what the first car does. The drivers of the following cars can keep away from the steering wheel and the pedals.


According to specialists cooperative driving will cause much less traffic jams, because much more of the space on the highway is used. The system also makes driving much safer and not unimportant much cheaper. The communication between the cars make the system different from the self-driving car from Google. In the Google system the cars are equipped with sensors and cameras and these cars cannot communicate with each other and form a train.


According to a professor from the Eindhoven technical university trucks will start driving cooperatively in only five years’ time. Fuel is important for transport companies and the new system would save at least 10% of the petrol costs. This development will probably be quite disastrous for the future of the truck driver? The truck drivers will not do anything anymore, and will also not see anything anymore since the trucks drive so close to each other. The profession will probably disappear on the long run.


The advent of the self-driving cooperative car is unstoppable. Apart from Google also the car industry have been introducing in automatic systems like, self-braking and even self-parking cars. It is the big question what the authorities and for example insurance companies will do. What legislation to make for accidents where drivers sit behind the wheel, but do not actively drive the car? Should the car manufacturer be responsible?


Source: De Volkskrant







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