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11 April 2014
Increase of home breweries exporting beer worldwide

Brewing beer at home is very hip in the Netherlands. Over the last years there has been a large increase of so-called micro-breweries. In general these small private breweries make special beers in the cellar, in the back of a cafe or in a public house. Lately some of these Dutch micro beers are exported worldwide in pretty large volumes. 

Before the dominance of the large beer producers, every village had its own brewery. Most of these local breweries were bought up by the big players and in an age of interest for retro and vintage the local personal beer production is returning.

The number of home breweries is growing fast and the same counts for the micro-breweries that export local beers. Now the time has come that small breweries have to team up to increase the export volumes. But this is not easy, since most of the small producers do not like to share too much information.


Map active Dutch breweries



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