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22 April 2014
An egg against blindness, unique Dutch research

For seven years a Dutch chicken farmer and the University of Maastricht have been developing a special egg that fights elderly blindness. In the Netherlands around 100.000 elderly, and worldwide 100 million, suffer from the age-related macular degeneration blindness. The shortage of certain nutrients, among which lutein, is one of the causes of the obstinate eye disease. The special new medical eggs contains a high concentration of the needed nutrients to fight elderly blindness.

Broccoli, corn but also eggs are rich of lutein. But the consumption of 2 kilos of vegetables are needed daily, and that is almost impossible to deal with for most people. That’s why the farmer and the researchers have developed an egg with a high concentration of the needed nutrients to fight  elderly blindness. A dose of 2 eggs a day is sufficient.


The special eggs, of which a drink has to be made, has very positive effects on macular degeneration blindness. The research of the University of Maastricht shows very good results, but the product cannot be sold until an international research is completed.


Source: RTL4 News






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