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23 April 2014

The PVV has asked the independent research bureau de Hond to conducted an opinion poll into the view of the Dutch regarding the presence of Moroccans in the Netherlands. One of the results of the poll is that 43% of all the Dutch prefer to have fewer Moroccans. Some Dutch party leaders reacted half-hearted. They doubt the quality of the poll, miss nuance, do not believe so many Dutch citizens want to put aside a complete section of the population or refuse to comment on opinion polls anyway.

Geert Wilders calls the results striking and according to him the opinion poll questions were down-to-earth and factual. The PVV poll also shows that only 3% wants more Moroccans, while 48% does not care how many Moroccans there are in the Netherlands. A majority of the voters of PVV (95%) and of the governing VVD (59%), but also more than one third of the voters of the socialist SP and more than a quarter of the Labour voters prefer to have fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.


A majority of 55% of all Dutch is opposed to a criminal prosecution of PVV-leader Geert Wilders. Geert Wilders: 'The figures are very clear. Millions of Dutch agree with me. It is great, too, that a majority of the Dutch is of the opinion that I should not be prosecuted.' According to the D’66 party leader Alexander Pechthold the opinion of the Dutch is probably ‘much more nuanced if more questions would have been asked’. He also questions the use of these kinds of opinion polls.


Source: PVV & NOS News


Link: De Hond defends poll as 43% say they want fewer Moroccans






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