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29 April 2014
Dutch have to keep silent about early outcome European elections

Since the Dutch already organise the European elections on Thursday 22 of May, they already know the results before the rest of  Europe vote on Sunday May 25. At the last European elections the Dutch already published the preliminary results prematurely. The European Commission was not amused and prohibited this. There still seems to be ways to find out though.

The European elections are organised over a few days, so every state has the liberty to choose the preferable elections day. It is only allowed to announce the results after the last polling station in Europe has closed. Otherwise there will be danger that elections in other member states are influenced.


There are still a ways to find out the results of the European Elections in the Netherlands. According to the law every polling  station has to verbally announce the results on location after counting the votes. Everybody is allowed to be present. For the rest the Dutch public TV will publish and exit poll at 21.00 hours on the basis of a research amongst 40.000 voters.


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