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30 April 2014

The action ship Rainbow Worrier from Greenpeace sailed towards the Russian oil tanker Mikhail Ulyanov to protest against the first delivery of north pole  oil in the harbour of Rotterdam. The oil tanker is expected to arrive in the morning of May the 4th. The Rainbow Worrier and the oil tanker have probably already met. Greenpeace already stated they will not try to board the tanker.

Previously the arrival of the Russian oil tanker Mikhail Ulyanov in the harbour of Rotterdam was planned on May the 1. But probably due to the Greenpeace protest the sailing plan has been adjusted and the moment of arrival postponed.  The harbour of Rotterdam has announced that the Russian oil tanker is welcome and also stated it does not expect large protests.


At the end of last year Greenpeace protested against the drilling of oil in the north pole area. At the time they complete Greenpeace crew was arrested and imprison by the Russian authorities. The crew was released just before the start of the winter Olympics in Sochi. Now Greenpeace announced that the oil tanker will only ‘be accompanied in a demonstrative way’, since it is the arrival of the first Arctic oil.


At the end of last year a majority of the Dutch Lower House voted in favour of an European transport ban of North Pole oil. And this does not only count for Russian oil, but also oil that has been drilled by Royal Dutch Shell. Since the first Arctic oil is on its way, the Lower House asked the government to react as soon as possible to the appeal, but nothing happened.


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