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11 June 2014

Off shore Shell games, a research from two American activist organisations, shows that the Netherlands is the most favourite tax haven for US multinationals. In 2010 the Top 500 enterprises stored a little over $ 500 billion to 12 notorious tax havens. In the Netherlands 127 billion was stored, much more than the Bermuda’s ($. 94 billion) and the Cayman Islands ($. 51 billion).

The Netherlands is so popular for tax evasion because it has signed many treaties against double taxation. Through this the Netherlands became a turn table between tax havens and multinationals. Besides this Netherlands does not levy tax on royalties, like the income from the use of brands.


Tax havens, and especially the Netherlands, have become the talk of the town. In England the coffee chain Starbucks was criticised for channelling through the English profit to the Netherlands, and practically paying no tax. For weeks there are rumours that the European Commission will start an investigation. The Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant states in the front page that the European Commission will very probably decide today.



Fortune 500 firms love the Netherlands and its tax regime

Offshore Shell Games 2014

Netherlands tax haven infographic

EU investigation in tax haven Netherlands


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