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18 June 2014
Council of State allows ban foreign coffee shop clients, Maastricht thinks about withdrawing ban

The Dutch Council of State decided that municipalities are allowed to ban foreigners from coffee shops to fight drugs tourism. Coffee shops from Maastricht and Tilburg have been taken legal action against this rule for two years. According to the judge making the distinction between the nationality of the coffee shop clients is legitimate to prevent drugs tourism and organised crime. It seems the city council of Maastricht will come with a proposal to tolerate foreign clients again.

The chairman of the coffee shop association of Maastricht is very disappointed, but he hopes to have more success with a new law suit against the closure of his coffee shop. This coffee shop was closed by the mayor last year and also three other coffee shops closed down voluntarily, because there is far too much soft drugs sales in the streets, and they do not want to compete any more against the street dealers.  More and more members of the Maastricht city council are in favour of permitting the foreign clients to visit coffee shops against. A proposal is expected in the near future.



Councils can ban tourists from coffee shops, Council of State rules


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