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27 June 2014

Dutch dairy farmers are preparing massively for the European abolition of the milk quota on April 1, 2015. The farmers call this day ‘liberation day’. The dairy livestock  is seriously increasing, while the livestock for meat is decreasing. Dutch farmers are investing in larger stables to be able to meet the increasing milk demand in growing economies.

Since Brussels announced that the milk quota will be abandoned, the Dutch farmers are investing in larger stables to be able to meet the increasing milk demand in growing economies like China, India, Turkey and Russia. In China there even more demand because consumers do not trust Chinese milk because of pollution scandals in the past.


The news stables are slowly filled up with new cows. The number of milk cows has grown with 19.000 to 1,6 million animals. In total the Netherlands now has around 4 million cows. Two percent more than last year.


According to experts the actual expansion wave in Dutch dairy farming  is only the beginning. Because of all kinds of high tech techniques cows stay productive till a much higher age. Nowadays a Dutch dairy cow reaches the age of 6 years on average, but innovative farmers manage to keep cows alive for twice as long.


In total the number of agricultural enterprises decreased with 3% last year, to 65.000. At the start of this century the Netherlands still had 100 thousands farmers. This means that the companies that remain are much larger in size. Only farmers that can produce on a large scale can compete in the world market. It seems the Dutch are ready for ‘the milk quota liberation day’






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