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12 November 2014
London Mayor calls parts of Amsterdam sleazy

The London mayor Boris Johnson has expressed himself in a pretty negative way about Amsterdam.

He called parts of Amsterdam 'sleazy' during a People's Question Time meeting Tuesday in Waltham Forest, a district in north London. Johnson especially denounced the Red Light District.

On a question from the thousand strong audience on how drug annoyance should be tackled in London, he criticized the tolerant attitude of the Netherlands. As an example he mentioned that certain areas of the capital are 'sleazy'.


According to Johnson his party in the government are on the right track. Is England drug-related problems are dealt with rigorously. People in the UK that possess cannabis risk to go to jail for five years, and drug dealers even risk 14 years in prison.


It was recently announced that a British campaign will warn English tourists who want to go to Amsterdam of the dangers that lurk in the Dutch capital. The English tourists will be frequently informed about the dangers of drug use.


source: De Telegraaf


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