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17 November 2014
Europol symposium  on illegal organ trade

The Dutch Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam did research after illegal trade in organs. It also happens in the Netherlands. The main donor organs mainly come from Pakistan, India, Columbia and China. In China sometime people are operated just before their execution. The results of the research will be presented on November 21 at a symposium at Europol in The Hague.

The research is initiated by the Erasmus MC that houses the European organisation ELPAT, a platform that focuses on ethnic, juridical and psycho-social aspects of organ transplantation. Two criminologists were taken on to do the research after commercial organ transplantation. Mostly kidneys. Sometimes livers or other organs.


According to the World Health Organisation around 5 to 10% of the 80.000 kidney transplantations is carried out illegally. But the founder of ELPAT states that the official number must be much higher.  People that want to offer an organ advertise this online, and people that need an organ bring forward their request via internet.



Europol symposium information

Organ trading takes place in the Netherlands: Erasmus researchers


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