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18 November 2014

Tuesday morning truckers campaigned against transport company Van den Bosch Transports from Erp in Den Bosch. The company is accused by union FNV to exploit foreign drivers and was taken to court in Den Bosch. Van den Bosch is accused of deploying cheaper foreign truck drivers, amongst others from Hungary, for rides in the Netherlands.

Ten Hungarian truck drivers and the FNV demand strict compliance with the Dutch collective agreement. The cantonal judge decided that the claim is not considered yet, because first research have to be done to find out whether the drivers were employed at Van den Bosch or at the Hungarian subsidiary of the transport company.


For three years the FNV investigated transport company Van den Bosch Transports. The management has been interviewed under oath and the inspection department is now actively following them.  The cantonal judge will pass judgment in this case on January 8.


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