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18 December 2014
Wilders: ‘decision to prosecute me is incomprehensible’

Today PVV leader Geert Wilders gave a reaction on the fact that the Dutch public prosecutor decided to take him to court for discrimination and encouraging hatred. He states that the decision to prosecute him is ‘incomprehensible’.

According to Wilders he spoke the truth and to him the prosecution is arranged by the elite.

Wilders: 'I have said what millions of people think and find. For the second time, one apparently wants to deal with someone who speaks the truth. It is a travesty that I have to defend myself in court for this. The Public Prosecutor would do better to devote his time to prosecuting jihadis instead of me. The Party for Freedom is the largest party in the polls. Apparently the elite does not like that.'


Source: PVV Press office



Geert Wilders on race hate charge over anti-Moroccan chant

Wilders: ‘Incomprehensible’ to be prosecuted for speaking ‘ the truth’

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PVV leader Geert Wilders will be prosecuted for inciting hatred



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