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2 April 2013
EU's most high-tech football stadium detects discriminating chants Offender can be appointed and banned

The multi-use stadium Kyocera stadium in The Hague, is the home stadium of football club ADO Den Haag. The stadium that has a capacity of 15,000 people and is supposed to be the safest football stadium in Europe. Many new innovative high-tech techniques are implemented. Like facial recognition and remote identification via RDF-chipped club cards while entering, to HD cameras recording and storing every detail in and around the stadium, and microphones detecting supporters that start discriminating football chants.


When ADO Den Haag opened the stadium on July 28, 2007, Wim Deetman, the mayor of The Hague, said that the Kyocera stadium is the most secure stadium in Europe. The stadium has security cameras installed that record several pictures of every audience member and the so-called Happy Crowd Control system takes pictures of spectators when entering the stadium. As a result the most safe football stadium in the world has no fences around the football pitch anymore.  


Apart from this ADO Den Haag has introduced a crowd control system to help locate hooligans. Relying on the facial recognition at the entrance and in the stadium and microphone detection of aggressive or otherwise undesirable speech. The latter system can allocate a person that starts a discriminating football chant and detect who is following. Combining the biometric data, gathered and checked at the entrance of the stadium, with the in-stadium camera- and microphone data, the offender can be appointed and banned from the stadium. Mostly for 5 years. 


Research institute TNO cooperated in developing the new safety system and sees the biometric system in the stadium as an experiment. Loads of innovative new technology is implemented. The biometric facial recognition system at the entrance, but also the new high definition camera's making it possible to keep the overall picture, but also zoom in and store every detail. The microphone system detecting discriminating football chants is unique in the world and it seems only a matter of time before it will be introduced in other stadiums.







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