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13 February 2014
Euthanasia for youngsters

Today Belgium will change its euthanasia legislation. By removing the age limit it will be possible for children to ask for euthanasia. In the Netherlands young people already had the possibility to ask for euthanasia. The Dutch association of voluntary euthanasia lately started a study group for youngster to brake the taboo to talk about the ending of life.

NVVE chairman can imagine that youngsters feel out of place on the regular information days, because usually only elderly people of around 70 years attend these events. 'But there is a serious need amongst youngsters to get specific information about euthanasia. The information should be communicated in a different way, more aimed at young people. So it should be brought across more light-hearted, there should certainly be the possibility to have a laugh as well.' 


The young people attending the first information day for youngsters all think the taboo to talk about euthanasia should be broken. Much more information should be given on schools so people know much more about the ending of life at a younger age. Also for the next information meeting of the Euthanasia study group for youngsters on 8 March there is a lot of interest.


New York Post: 'Belgium-set-to-allow-euthanasia-for-children'





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