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7 February 2014
Dutch would be 'better off' if they left the euro

There are big economic benefits for the Dutch in leaving the EU, finds a major study. The independent study was commissioned by Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch anti-EU Freedom Party, to assess the cost for the Netherlands of leaving the EU as he leads national opinion polls in the run up to European elections.

The average Dutch household could be better off by over £8,000 a year and national income will grow by over £1 trillion if the Netherlands leaves the euro and the EU, according to a new study. The study by the respected British Capital Economics research consultancy into "Nexit" - as a potential exit by the Netherlands has been termed - finds significant benefits over the next two decades if the country swaps its EU membership for a status similar to Switzerland or Norway.



Dutch would be 'better off' if they left the euro

Report PVV states leaving EU would boost Dutch economy





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