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3 February 2014

While the Dutch integrated approach to preventing corruption and bribery could serve as a model to other EU countries, the Netherlands should still do more to improve transparency in politics, the European Commission said on Monday. This is the Commission's first report on measures to combat corruption within the EU which costs the European economy some €120bn a year.

Integrity is traditionally highly valued in the Netherlands. There is strong public demand for transparency and accountability, both in the public and the private domain. The integrated approach to preventing and detecting corruption both at central and local level could serve as a model elsewhere in the EU. There is a strong collective understanding of the damaging effects of corruption, matched with continuous public pressure to maintain a high level of transparency and accountability. Evidence that foreign bribery is tackled adequately is, however, lacking despite the importance that Dutch firms play in worldwide trade.

The following points require further attention: Extending the rules on the assets and interests to elected officials and members of government and ensuring an effective and transparent verification system. Developing a framework for post-employment conflicts of interest. Focusing efforts on prosecuting both natural and legal persons for corruption in international business transactions, also by increasing capacity to investigate and prosecute foreign bribery in a more proactive manner. Considering broadening the range of sanctions and raising the level of fines applicable to legal persons.



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