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22 February 2014
Chemical arms watchdog split on Syria delays

The executive council of the Hague-based watchdog tasked with destroying Syria's chemical weapons arsenal failed Friday to reach agreement on what to do about Damascus's delays, because of divisions between Syria's allies and the West.

Different sources close to the talks at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said China, Iran and Russia wanted flexibility over the timetable, but the United States and the European Union insisted on being strict.


So far, just 11 percent of Syria's 1,200 tonnes of dangerous chemicals have been taken out of the country. The US rejected a Damascus request for a 100-day extension to an end-May deadline for it to ship out the totality of its chemical arms, according to one source. The OPCW's executive council will meet again on Tuesday, and a formal meeting will be held early March to continue discussion.



Chemical arms watchdog split on Syria delays






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