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27 February 2014
Europe's string pullers

Who really has the ruling power in Brussels? Today two Europe correspondents publish 'Europe's string pullers, who is really ruling Brussles', a very exciting crisis book that is written like an economic thriller, and that reveals the way the economic crisis was managed. According to Jean-Claude Juncker the book is an 'inside analyses of the Brussels microcosm that rightly warns for extremists and egoists'.

Due to the economic crisis and the European elections coming up in May, Europe is in the news constantly. The Europe correspondent from the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and Raimund Löw, Europe correspondent for the Austrian TV-broadcaster ORF, wrote a book about how Europe works behind the scenes. In 'Europas Drahtzieher, Wer in Brüssel wirklich regiert' ('Europe's string pullers, who is really ruling Brussles') they describe from very close how 28 state- and government leaders play poker with the national debts, fill a rescue fund with billions and about the drastic measures Angela Merkel wants to put through.

Jean-Claude Juncker: 'A very exciting crisis report written like a economic thriller that opens the eyes of the reader about the way the crisis was managed'. Never before such detailed quotes from European summit meetings have been so extensively published. It gives insight about Europe’s headquarters power game and who really pulls the strings. Juncker: 'Europe’s String pullers reads like an exciting political thriller with enclosed reportages. Well written, well described and well structured. An inside analyses of the Brussels microcosm that rightly warns for extremists and egoists and that is worth reading'.





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