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1 March 2014
New manure legislation: processing obliged, France profits

Finally the gigantic Dutch manure surplus is dealt with. This year new manure legislation is coming into power obliging famers to bring 30% of the manure to manure processing plants. After processing it is exported. It seems a lot of fraud is committed processing manure. The sector needs to succeed to make the new manure processing system work. If not the Dutch livestock needs to be shrunk.  

Finally the gigantic manure surplus that endangers the Dutch surface- and ground water is dealt with. This year the new manure legislation is coming into power and the famers are obliged to bring 30% of the manure to the manure processing plants. Next year this is already 50%, according to an article in the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant.


A complete branch is formed around the manure processing. Even energy companies join in because the residual heat is used to generate energy. It is also used to dry the manure, so it can be exported. It seems there is a lot of interest for this product in the rest of Europe. An in sider names the North of France as a good example. 'There they have a 50% shortage of phosphate'.


Until now the Dutch farmers had to pay a lot for the processing of manure. For the employees in this branch the obligation to process is a gift from heaven. They will have a lot to do the upcoming years. Collectively farmers are investing in manure processing factories.


The problem is that it is still a lot cheaper to get rid of the manure via dodgy companies that dump it illegally. That’s why some of the manure processors are afraid the new system will fail and fears for bankruptcy.


Official companies, often transport companies, have to pick up the manure. Farmers are not allowed to do this themselves. There is a very tight system to control the movements of the manure. The trucks are equipped with GPS. Also samples have to be taken. Now these companies are also joining processing system, making the system corrupt. Samples are manipulated and even the GPS signals are manipulated.


The Dutch manure specialist knows about the manure fraud, but does not know the size. Some say that 1/4 till even 1/3 of the manure has disappeared. In the end the sector needs to succeed to make the new manure processing system work. If it does not work, the next step will be shrinking the Dutch live stock. 





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