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4 March 2014

Today the newspaper De Telegraaf published an article about a research that has been carried out amongst migrant voters. It turns out that many migrant voters that traditionally vote for the Social Democrat PvdA now run away from the party. A large group does not know what they will vote yet. It seems that the Democrats 66 will win most of the votes.

According to a political scientist form the University of Amsterdam, the young Muslims of today make a choice themselves, and do not follow the advice of the imam, the union or their surroundings. 'The youngsters are removing traditional religious and socio-political barriers; it is a beautiful example of emancipation. The Turks are stepping over most; they are economically ahead and do not need the social democrats anymore and end up with liberal VVD or D'66.'

Another group of especially Muslims agree to the economic policy of the PvdA, but not to the ethical side. They are against the equality of women, homosexuality and the ban on ritual slaughter. These people choose for local more conservative parties. In 2006 still 80% of the migrants voted for the social democrat PvdA. Now many migrant voters are still in doubt, but it is expected they will vote differently.

The research will continue until elections day on March 19.



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