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5 March 2014

In the Netherlands a cultural shift is taking place in the care for elderly growing demented. It turns out that moving has a very positive effect on the brain. When inhabitants of nursing homes are more physically active, they also improve mentally. A revolution takes place.

According to a Dutch neuropsychologist around 90% of the inhabitants of nursing- and elderly homes are very inactive. He travels around the Netherlands to bring across his revolutionary ideas during master classes for personnel of nursing- and elderly homes.


When the inhabitants are capable enough they do and move around as much as they can. They make their own bed, help laying the table, make their own sandwiches and dance on music, even sitting in a chair. Even mashed potatoes disappeared from the menu, because chewing stimulates the cortex prefrontal of the brain that is crucial for one’s memory.


For the nurses the new approach is quite a change. Often they have to keep their hands behind their back, because the elderly should do as much as they can, and this requires patience. The positive effect is that there is much more care personnel available to activate the elderly.


A huge success is the home trainer with a huge monitor, where the inhabitants of nursing homes can have a virtual bike ride. They can choose for a ride though Paris or for example through the Dutch bulb fields. The virtual bike tours make the elderly happier and much more relaxed.


Although there are some inhabitants of the elderly- and nursing homes that have to get used to the new active life, the atmosphere improved a lot since the new approach. In the morning patients are already jumping for joy to go virtual biking. ‘Let’s go to Paris’! The home trainers are a huge hit and also during the musical chairs activity the room is packed with elderly.


Source: De Volkskrant







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