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20 March 2014

In his elections day speech in a café in The Hague, Geert Wilders repeated his statement about his wish for less Moroccans in the Netherlands. He asked his followers: 'I am actually not allowed to say this but I do not say thing they is not permitted. Do you want more or less Moroccans.’ The crowd repeated en masse 'less, less, less'. After this Wilders stated: 'well than we are going to take care of that.' In the same speech Wilders also asked if his followers want more or less Europe. And again the public chanted, 'less, less, less'.

Over the last weeks Wilders had already made the same anti-Moroccans statement during his local election campaign. The chairman Aissa Zanzen from the cooperative body of Dutch Moroccans will file a complaint on discrimination at the police, and asked others to do the same. In an interview yesterday evening he said that he is shocked by the repetition of the anti-Moroccan statements of Wilders. Online the Wilders elections speech arouse a storm of protests. Even the message where Wilders is compared with Hitler was retweeted.


After the speech Geert Wilders explained that he sees three ways to bring his plan into practice: close the border for Moroccans, promoting voluntary remigration of Moroccans and deporting criminal Moroccans. In the end Wilders admitted that with less Moroccans he means less criminal Moroccans. He also made clear that the local elections are the prelude for the European elections in May.



Video less Moroccans in Netherlands speech

Public prosecutor challenged to act on Wilders' Moroccan comments





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