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23 March 2014

Saturday Geert Wilders finally reacted to all the critics he received after his elections speech Wednesday night in The Hague. In his speech Wilders asked his followers if they want more or less Moroccans and the crowd chanted 'less, less, less'. Since that moment a wave of indignation is rolling over the Netherlands. Many PVV politicians and voters have turned their back on the party.

Saturday afternoon Geert Wilders reacted to the critics he received on his elections speech during a door step press conference in the Dutch parliament. He stated that he does not feel guilty and that he complied with the legal rules. He complained about the fact that many politicians already convicted him, including the minister of justice, but that it is up to a judge to decide on this. Wilders also concluded that some of his followers left the party and that he does not know where it will end. But he indicated that he will continue to fight ‘for the Dutch culture, for the Dutch identity and against the excrescences of the multicultural society’.


Politicians, including the minister of justice, stated that the Wilders elections statement was disgusting. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte had to explain a lot when he was in Brussels to meet the other European leaders over the Ukraine crisis. He now officially announced that that cooperation with the PVV will not be possible anymore.


Photos of Dutch Moroccans with their passport and the message 'I am born here' went viral and it seems hundreds of Dutch have reported a complaint of discrimination at the police. Until now the public prosecutor cannot say how many. They wait with announcing the exact number until after the storm calmed down.


Since Wednesday evening many of the PVV politicians have left the party and the latest opinion poll shows that the Freedom party lost 5 seats. In his press conference yesterday even Geert Wilders himself could not say how the exodus will end, but he will continue with his quest, even when he might have to do it on his own.



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