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26 March 2014
Dutch promote innovative water management projects

Today the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment published a brochure entitled 'Water Innovations in the Netherlands'. The brochure describing 35 innovative water managements projects is published to inspire, prompt visits and lead to new knowledge, at home or abroad.

With the brochure the ministry and the Dutch water management want to mark World Water Day and put the Netherlands on the map as a global player in innovative water management. Projects like the Sand Motor and Room for Rivers feature in the brochure, as well as water squares for climate-proof cities, 3D modelling for flood simulation and the Nereda biological wastewater treatment technology.


Smart solutions
The Minister has sent the brochure to the House of Representatives. “Innovative solutions are urgently needed in response to complex issues and constantly limited resources. Global social issues like water safety, water quality, sanitation, food security and energy generation present us with the permanent challenge of finding smart and affordable solutions.” By setting innovative projects in motion Minister Schultz hopes to more efficiently realise the implementation of investment programmes (High Water Protection Programme, Delta Programme) together with the water authorities.

By setting up testing grounds, Minister Schultz aims to involve the business community in the search for solutions to complex social problems. In addition, the government wants to spend 2.5 percent of the government-wide procurement budget on innovation-driven purchasing. Rijkswaterstaat is also constantly looking for innovations for its projects. For this reason, functional tenders are called for projects: in its tenders, Rijkswaterstaat does not request a specific solution but provides the market with the opportunity to offer innovations. In this way, maximum use is made of the innovative strength of the business community. Water authorities are investing in innovations for energy recovery, energy efficiency, raw material recovery, and providing better information and guidance aimed at achieving, together with municipalities and drinking water companies, savings of 450 million euros by 2020.



'Water Innovations in the Netherlands'





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