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4 May 2014
More…Moroccans statement party on May 10th

After the local elections ‘less Moroccans’ speech and the PVV initiated survey, the Dutch society is recovering from the effects. The public prosecutor is still deciding how to handle the numerous reports of discrimination and specialists are busy how to determine the percentage of Dutch that would like to see less Moroccans. Two people made the Facebook page ‘More…Moroccans’ as a statement against xenophobia. They also organise the ’More Moroccans party’ on May 10 in Amsterdam.

The initiators were frightened by the Wilders audience chanting ‘less, less, less’. Although Geert Wilders is quite known for his daring remarks, this time they thought the effect was scary and a plan to turn around the negative sentiment and to fight the need to join the discussion again.


The More…Moroccans initiative wants to stimulate a less harsh form of social criticism and use humour as a weapon. To the initiators there was a huge lack of humour in the Dutch society over the last 10 years, and they hope that also many politicians will come and dance along, instead of falling back to the same old political reactions. On the Facebook page a photo is shown from a man who is selling Moroccan tea on Kings Day. Besides him a sign with the question: ‘Do you want more or less Moroccan tea?’ A sign on the tea pot says: ‘We are going to take care of that’.


The More….Moroccans Facebook page rapidly received 15.000 likes. The initiative wants the Dutch to stop only following politicians and dodgy survey’s, because it makes them into insensitive, heartless and cold people. ‘The initiative should go back to the citizens. Our generation needs to look for association instead of enlarging the differences. ‘


Source: De Volkskrant


Link: More...Morocaans Facebook page






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