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7 May 2014

Besides the wave of reports of discrimination against Geert Wilders, now also a complaint of discrimination has been done against the shock blog site ‘Geen Stijl’ (No Style’) by a writer and a scientist to fight the Dutch trend of intolerance and indecency. Specialists say that the case will not have much chance in court, but the initiators do think they have a chance and want to make a statement and use the moment to start up a discussion about the fact that sowing hatred became socially acceptable in the Netherlands.

When the duo arrived at a police station in the centre of Amsterdam, only a few sympathizer dared to come as well. Most stayed away because of all the threats out of the ‘Geen Stijl’ camp. The anti-hatred duo was harassed by camera teams from ‘Geen Stijl’ and PowNews, another populist shock TV-channel known for their direct and nationalist style.


To the duo the Dutch really need to stop the trend, because otherwise the first article of the Dutch constitution against discrimination will become meaningless. Because the articles and contribution of citizens are so full of hatred that to them the site is inciting hatred. After it became clear that the two men would report the case to the police they received a wave of threats. Comments like: ‘shall they be butchered by somebody from Geen stijl or by a Moslim’. Also private their addresses were published.


The anti-hatred duo also started a campaign against the companies advertising on the ‘Geen Stijl’ web site. One can guess what the reactions on the ant-hatred campaign on the Geen Stijl site were. Full of hatred. An example: ‘Oh dear there is another Islamic attention whore from an illiterate ape land where national sports like throwing stones to adulterous women (…) and where bestialities with goats determine the daily rhythm’. The freedom of speech is a fundamental right in the Netherlands, and widely interpreted after statements of politicians, journalists and scientists. So it remains to be seen what comes out of the anti-hatred campaign.


Source: De Volkskrant





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