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8 May 2014
The only camel dairy farm in Europe

The only camel dairy farm of Europe is based in the Netherlands. The milk from the 80 camels is exported as far as Australia. The farmer got the idea after reading a FAO report in 2006 that recommended the production of camel milk since it is very rich of iron and contains three times more vitamin C as cow milk. Camel milk even seems to have a good effect on diabetes.

Establishing the camel farm was far from easy. It is only allowed to import camels from a European state, so in the end the Dutch farmer, still a student,  managed to buy three camels from the Canary Islands. The animals were kept on a small piece of land besides the student flat. Now the company has moved to a large farm where 80 camel are giving 30.000 litres of milk a year. The milk is exported to six European states and to Australia, South Africa and the US.


The milk is also sold in powder form, in chocolate, bread and soap. For the rest the camel farm is a tourist attraction that even attracts visitors from Germany and Belgium. Recently also a restaurant is opened serving camel milk pancakes. No camel meat, because according to the farmer there is not much meat on a camel.


Setting up the camel farm from scratch was not easy. In the beginning it was not even allowed to milk a camel from the Dutch agricultural inspection.  And milking a camel also turned out to be much more complicated than expected. Now a camel milk machine is in use and finally the camel business is bringing the farmer profit. In the upcoming years the camel herd will be expanded thanks to two stallion camels. 


Source: De Volkskrant





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