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9 May 2014

The Dutch dairy farmers are fined by the European Commission because they exceeded the milk quota with more than 300.000 million litres. It is the largest exceeding of the quota ever and the reason seems that the Dutch are preparing for next year, when the quota system will be abolished. The dairy farmers want to produce as much as possible, so they can get a large market share in 2015.

The Dutch dairy farmers do not mind to pay the fine, since they want to be prepared for next year. It is dangerous to wait for too long, because than a lot of market share is lost. And the global market is seriously expanding because of the demand in Asia. Especially the Chinese prefer to buy Dutch milk powder. The growing dairy market is also the reason why the milk quota system will be abolished in 2015.


Since the dairy farmers want to be well prepared they actually already want to get rid of the quota system and the fines this year.  The chairman of the Dutch agricultural organisation contacted all the European  sister organisations and although 70% of the farmers organisations is in favour of changing the system, it was not easy to get support for the plan. Is was especially difficult to convince the French.  The Dutch chairman about the needed abolition of the system: ‘It is really ridiculous that one can export milk, but that at the same time farmer is prepared to pay a fine for that’.   





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