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12 May 2014
Dutch employers launch pro Europe campaign

Preceding the European elections the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW) and the agricultural employer organisation LTO started campaign to promote the European Union and to stimulate people to vote pro-Europe. According to VNO-NCW chairman Bernard Wientjes politicians are not articulate enough about Europe. It is all too negative and criticism has the upper hand. ‘There even is talk about stepping out of Europe, but we make our money because of Europe.’

Wientjes is sad about the negative attitude of many Dutch politicians. To him Europe gave the Dutch a lot of prosperity, ‘but there is no politician that dares to say that at this moment. He characterizes the employers pro-Europe campaign as direct critics against the Dutch politicians: ‘Politicians have to explain much clearer that a free market is good for us’.    


To attract the Dutch pro-Europe vote the employers organisations created a special internet site with a voting indicator and the last days before the elections special promotion advertisement will be broadcasted in TV.  To specialists the new active role of the employers is quite unique. Normally the employers organisations stand aloof from the debate, like during the referendum about the European constitution a few years ago. At the time the employers  organisations got a lot of critics for that.





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