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13 May 2014

After the third attack on one of the motor bike gang leaders in the Netherlands, some Dutch mayors would like to adopt the German approach, where motor clubs that violate the law are banned. In the Netherlands that did not work until now. But some say the freedom of association is more important: ‘even when 80% of the members of a gang have a criminal record it does not mean the organisation is criminal’.

The mayor of the municipality in the province of Limburg where the attacks took place, is a supporter of adopting the German approach. He had to take all kinds of safety measures after the third attack on a gang leader and would prefer to ban the motor gangs once and for all. And he is not the only mayor in Limburg. To them many motor gangs settle in Limburg, since the policy in German y became so strict.


In the Netherlands the law needs to be changed to ban criminal motor gangs. In 2007 the Dutch authorities tried to ban the Hells Angels in Amsterdam, but failed to do so. To the lawyer that defended the Hells Angeles at the time, it is difficult to compare the Dutch situation with the German situation, although he admits that in Germany and other European states more restrictive measures have been taken.  An example is the ban of wearing club clothing, the so called ‘colours’.


In a comment in the newspaper De Volkskrant a journalist is relieved that the minister of Justice is neglecting the call for a ban on criminal motor clubs. According to the journalist the juridical basis of a ban would have been too thin: ‘even when 80% of the members of a gang have a criminal record it does not mean the organisation is criminal’. The best approach is to deal with the individual members, including taking civil action. Just like they got Al Capone behind bar, for tax evasion.


Since the attacks on motor bike hang leaders, the non-criminal motor bike gangs start to suffer from the bad image the Hells Angels, Satudarah, and lately the Bandidos and No Surrender gangs. The bona fide motor bike events are cancelled and banned and lately they do not have much choice than to protest that the good guys are suffering under the bad guys. Problem is that usually these protests are also banned.





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