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16 May 2014
The Open Organisation Of Lock pickers

The Netherlands houses a unique organisation called Toool, The Open Organisation Of Lock pickers.  A growing group of enthusiasts interested in locks, keys and ways of opening locks without keys. On the Toool site one can find everything about ‘opening a lock without damaging it or using a key'. There is information about the techniques, the best tool sets and about the regular gatherings where members exchange tips and practice their lock picking.


An important statement on the Toool site says that locks can only be opened when there is permission from the owner and that they do their best to make it a nice sporting organisation, and try to keep criminal elements out. The lock picking enthusiasts do even more, because ‘criminals never rest in coming up with new techniques to get around locks’ and ‘if there are techniques that pose a great risk to society, or if a lock manufacturer fails to inform its customers about a particular vulnerability in its products, then we blow the whistle’.


From September 19 till September 21, 2014, LockCon, an international conference about locks is organised in the Netherlands.  The conference is held to exchange information, for quality demonstrations and of course for the  championships Lock picking.


Site: Toool, The Open Organisation Of Lock pickers





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