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23 May 2014
EU elections exit polls Netherlands: pro-European D66 wins, PVV Wilders loses

At the European election in the Netherlands yesterday the liberal democrat party D’66 seems to have won the elections and the PVV from Geert Wilders very probably tumbled down from 17% to a little over 12%. The Dutch were the first to vote in Europe and Brussels only allowed a small exit poll. So the results are still premature. The official results will announced Sunday night, just like in the rest of Europe.

All though the PVV seemed to be in a neck-to-neck race with the pro-European  D66, it is the Christian Democrat party CDA that will probably end second. The CDA lose a seat, but recover from loses in earlier elections. One of the reasons the CDA won is the loyal voting behaviour of the CDA members, and the low turnout. This also partly explains the bad results of the PVV. Many anti-EU voters did not vote. The turnout was 37%, a little higher than in 2009.


The newspaper De Volkskrant concludes that pro- and anti-Europe parties balance each other out. The PVV loses a seat, but the anti-EU party Socialist Party, the small Christian parties and probably also the Animal Party all win a seat. The clearly pro D’66 won, but the other parties on the pro side PvdA and Green Left both lose. Although the final outcome might differ, it seems that the pro- and anti-Europe camps balance each other out.


It is the first time that the Socialist Party will probably be larger than the social democrat PvdA. One of the main reasons for the new loss of the PvdA is the fact they form a coalition with the liberal VVD. Two parties that were condemned to cooperate and form a new government after the last national elections. Since D’66 and the VVD are in the same fraction in the European Parliament, in the end  they will be the winners of the elections yesterday.


Even some small parties like the elderly party 50+ and the Animal Party might win a seat in the European parliament. It shatters the Dutch political landscape even more, since the 26 seats will probably have to be divided over 10 parties. Although the PVV did not become the big winner, and although the pro-EU parties won most seats, the low turnout makes the results a bit painful. At the national elections in 2012 twice as much people voted as yesterday, so in the end most of the Dutch are absolutely not interested in European politics.






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