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27 May 2014
According to sewage water research Dutch use most drugs in Europe

It seems that the Dutch are the heaviest drug users in Europe. This can be concluded from the yearly European sewage water research. Measurements have been done in 42 European cities and it turns out that Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven end up high in the list for most drugs. Especially cannabis, speed, MDMA and cocaine are popular. It is estimated that in Amsterdam daily in between 20 to 30 thousands lines of cocaine are sniffed.

The Eindhoven region is easily number one in the use of speed, and cannabis is the use of cannabis is the highest in the Netherlands. The top three of cities with a high MDMA (XTC) use are all Dutch. Eindhoven first on the MDMA usage list, and the amounts are so high this time that specialist think that this might also be caused by dumping chemicals used to produce XTC in the sewer. Some assume that the outcome of this research proofs that the Netherlands is still leading in the XTC production and trade.


Traditionally the Eindhoven region is the centre of the Dutch XTC production. There is other research that confirm this: 90% of the dumping of chemicals drug waste takes place in the province Noord-Brabant of which Eindhoven is the capital. Earlier this year a conference was organised to structure the fight against drug labs and dumping of chemicals much better.


The Dutch drugs research institute has doubts about the research method. The sewage water research is only done in one week, without looking at the type of weather or if there is a music festival. A lot of rain dilutes the water and changers the results, a festival gives a higher percentage of drugs in the water.  The drugs research institute also did its own research and the results show that the Dutch are serious XTC users, but that the use of cocaine and speeds is lower. A researcher: ‘probably the figures especially say something about the number of drugs tourists in our larger cities’.





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