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28 May 2014

Today the Dutch Lower House organise a hearing about the implementation of the general pardon for asylum seekers children. Over the last weeks a majority of the Dutch mayors signed a petition demanding the national authorities to execute the pardon in a less strict manner. This week the ombudsman for children published some dossiers of children that, according to him might be expelled wrongfully.

At the moment children of asylum seekers that are staying longer than five years in the country, and that are clearly rooted in the Dutch society run the risk to be thrown out of the country. Usually children that are born in the Netherlands, or arrived here at a very young age, went to school and speak the Dutch language fluently. The Dutch government apply the existing rules strictly. This means that the refugee children should have been in sight of the national authorities over five years, and out of sight for more than three months. 


Going to school and getting medical care on local level does not count. To most of the mayors this is unacceptable. They want the government to be far more generous, so children that grew up in the Netherlands do not end up in a country like Afghanistan without speaking the language and knowing the culture.


The call for a more human treatment of asylum seekers and refugees creates tension in the Dutch coalition. The social democrats support the call, but the liberal VVD is fed up with submitting many left wing requests. Now also the Christian democrat party CDA joins the camp of the VVD and the PVV of Wilders that is afraid that a less strict implementation of the general pardon for children will lead to more asylum seekers.  





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