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3 June 2014
Unique semi-permanent housing concept that can be re-erected elsewhere

The Dutch construction company Neptunus has developed an exciting new concept in temporary housing with an innovative project currently underway in the Netherlands that the company hopes can also be adapted for the foreign market.

In a bid to meet the demand for more affordable housing in Holland, designers at Neptunus – which has its headquarters at Kessel in the Netherlands – are creating a state-of-the-art apartment block utilising the company’s ingenious Flexolution semi-permanent structure. In appearance and quality the Flexolution is virtually impossible to distinguish from a permanent building, yet it has the capability to be dismantled and re-erected at other locations.

The flexolution is currently being constructed at Panningen, Limburg, The Netherlands, where it will form 20 apartments, 16 2-bedroom and four 3-bedroom units, in a temporary housing project for the local authorities of Geemeente Peel and Mass and the Wonen Limburg Housing Association. The Neptunus team will complete the project in just 14 weeks from start to finish.

Dorrie Eilers Director of Marketing for Neptunus, says:  “The Netherlands has a shortage of housing accommodation which particularly affects young people who are new to the housing market, people who find it difficult to afford a mortgage or people who are going through a divorce.  The local authorities were unsure about building a permanent apartment block but Neptunus was able to offer a semi-permanent solution. It can either be removed when it is no longer required or can be dismantled and transferred to another location, depending on demand.


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