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5 June 2014
The use of algae for fuel, food, cosmetics and paint almost cost-effective

Research at the Wageningen University proofs that the use of algae as a raw material for products is much cheaper than expected. Algae can be used for the production of paint, cosmetics, food, but also for bio-energy. Both the production costs as the costs for refining turn out to be much lower. The commercial utilisation of Algae is coming much closer now.

The researchers calculated that the cost price is now close to the cost price of fish oil and soya for the production of food, and even close to the cost price of oil for chemical use and for fuels. The Wageningen professor Bio processes technology: ‘An economy that is no longer based on oil, but on bio mass is clearly getting more feasible now’.


Link: Wageningen Univeristy AlgaePARC





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