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10 June 2014
Dutch auditor's office: 'billions of NATO-Euros disappear in black hole'

Today the Dutch auditor's office published the results of a research after the non-transparent bookkeeping of the NATO. Dutch auditor's office: 'NATO is funded with taxpayers’ money. However, it does not yet provide comprehensive information about its annual revenues, expenditures, and achievements to the taxpayer. NATO is also not yet transparent and public accountable for its financial management. It is not clear what NATO entities achieve or whether they give value for money'.

'This is because most of NATO’s financial and organisational information is undisclosed. Some of this information is considered too sensitive to disclose to the public; but there is also information which is not deemed sensitive, but is simply not disclosed. We urge NATO to consider which undisclosed, non-sensitive information could be disclosed to the public. NATO should also consider publishing consolidated financial statements and providing insight into the performance delivered for the millions of Euros of public money being spent. This transparency would enhance NATO’s accountability to taxpaying citizens. It would also further highlight the results of the transatlantic alliance and NATO’s relevance, justifying public spending.'


Read more: NATO Transparency and public Accountability





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