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13 June 2014
Dutch municipalities should ignore cannabis policy and start legalising cultivation

After research of a local newspaper it turns out that in the city region in the Dutch province Limburg the cannabis sector yearly has a turnover of €. 250 million. That is less than in the city Tilburg where an estimate of 800 million is made in a year. A columnist of the Volkskrant is annoyed about the faint-hearted conservative policy of the Dutch government. While elsewhere in the world cannabis cultivation is totally legalised, and most of the Dutch mayors want to experiment with legal cultivation, the government stands firm.

According to some mayors the actual situation wherein cannabis cultivation is illegal, and the large number of people involved in the cannabis branch, totally corrupts the economical and juridical system. The columnist: ‘Every year the Dutch authorities spent around 500 million for wasting a lot of time an effort to fight cannabis cultivation.


The Dutch minister of Justice defends the restrictive policy by stating that treaties hinder the government to legalise cannabis cultivation. For the rest he concludes that 80% of the Dutch cannabis is exported. To the columnist this approach is very sad, and based on nonsense. Elsewhere, like in the US, cannabis is legally produced now, without changing treaties. And the Dutch policy commented earlier this year, that it is not plausible that 80% of the Dutch produce is exported.


Earlier this month young members of the liberal parties made clear that municipalities should ignore the ministry of justice and start giving out licences for growing cannabis. The columnist agrees totally: ‘Good plan! If one sheep leaps over the ditch, all the rest will follow. The new cannabis tax can be used to complete the deficits in the care branch. Regulation and legalisation are the only solution (…) maybe harsh disobedient behaviour from the municipalities will help to break through the chicken-heartedness in The Hague.’





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