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17 June 2014
After historic Dutch World Cup win Tompouce-index will explode again

After the historic Dutch World Cup win over Spain in Brazil, the ‘orange fever’ will break out again according to specialists. After the match last Friday finally many decided to leave for South America to watch the Dutch team play. In social media a new hype came into being: Persieing, photos of people with their nose flat in the grass, an imitation of the header dive of the first goal of Robin van Persie. After a slow start, the incredible win of the Dutch will surely lead to an explosion of the Tompouce-index.

Before the start of the World Cup the orange craze was quite absent, since the expectations were not that high due to a young team and the difficult group the Dutch are in. Sales of the enormous amounts of orange products was even exceptionally low. To measure this, the Dutch have a special index, the Tompouce-index. A Tompouce is a traditional Dutch cake, usually in pink, but during football tournaments always in orange.


The Tompouce-index is measuring the number of sales of orange products.  The index now only reaches only 1,3 while it normally is 2. A few weeks ago 5.9% of the Dutch households bought at least one orange product, while around Kings Day it was much higher, namely 14,5%. It is pretty sure the orange madness will explode. A supermarket specialist predicts that if the Dutch will reach the semi-final, supermarkets will at least make an extra turnover of 50 million.



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