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15 June 2014

A nursing home in the South of the Netherlands is the first to work with Zora, a French robot that entertains elderly. The care robot can play a role in activities for elderly like exercising, but also with simple animation. It does not replace but assists personnel. Also in Dutch agriculture the robot is taking over to harvest, milk, weed, grub, spray, feed and cure.

Zora is first humanoid robot in a Dutch care institute. The robot can dance, sing, do keep-fit exercises and can even talk (with a laptop or smart phone) and even play a game of bingo. The care robot can play an important role in the care for people that grow demented. Do mind games with the elderly, or read aloud the newspaper, but in the future it also should spot demented people leave a room and start to wander.


The predecessor of Zora is Julia, a seal pet that moves and makes sounds.  Although Zora is less cuddly, the new robot is much more advanced. The elderly have to get used to Zora, but they get interested rapidly and take Zora on their lap. Moved one of the elderly states that it is the first time she had a robot in her arms. Zora brings life into the elderly home and the makes the chance that grandchildren will come and visit more often a lot larger.


Also in Dutch agriculture the robot is taking over to harvest, milk, weed, grub, spray, feed and cure. Robots, computers, apps, sensors, camera’s, led lamps and even drones are nowadays the eyes, ears and noses of the farmer. Specialists say that the so-called Smart Farming, including the introduction of robots, will be vital to be able to feed a future global population of nine billion people: ‘We will have to produce in a durable way twice as much with half the means’.





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