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19 June 2014

Work in Dutch jails has seriously professionalized over the last years. While in earlier days inmates were producing clothes-pegs, nowadays they produce complete kitchens, beds, cupboards, parts of windmills and yes, even jail doors. The organisation is called In-made and already has a turnover of 20 million Euros. The name In-made is referring to the English term inmate.

Eventually there was not much cooperation between the different jails in the Netherlands, they were even competing with each other. But through the In-made organisation jails are now cooperating and helping each other to get more work. In the end the work is benefiting the prisoners since they get loads of work experience that will be of much use after serving their sentence.


The wide variety of products and of education gives the opportunity for many inmates to qualify and wok on their future.  The director of In-made: ‘Some prisoners get a diploma for the first time in their lives. We create a real ceremony. And then you see such a big man or woman feel really small. Really endearing to see’.


In some jails the prisoners also do the maintenance of the jail complex. They clean, are mowing the lawns, and paint the walls. The range of In-mate products is expanding. Now also mattresses, blankets and sheets are produced. Or wooden pallets and garden furniture. There is also a bakery, a laundry, printing business and the prisoners do catering.





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