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25 June 2014

Today Geert Wilders announced that he will not claim a seat in the European parliament anymore. After it became clear yesterday that the PVV did not manage to form a Eurosceptic coalition, Wilders decided to abandon the plan. The seat will now be taken by Hans Jansen, a retired scholar of contemporary Islam in the Netherlands.

Earlier Wilders had made clear that he wanted a seat in both the European as in the Dutch parliament, but according to the rules of the European Parliament it is not allowed to have the so-called double mandate. Wilders was planning to start a lawsuit to try get the double  mandate  anyway. Since the formation of a Eurosceptic coalition, with parties like the French Front National, Austria’s FPÖ, the Italian Lega Nord and the Belgian Vlaams Belang, failed it does not have sense for Geert Wilders to claim a seat.


On falling to form the Eurosceptic coaltion Wilders states the follwoing: 'Unfortunately it proved impossible to form a group with six other parties in the EP before the deadline of 24 June. I am convinced, however, that we later this year we will succeed to form a group of parliamentarians from the seven countries needed. The PVV would like to form a group, but not at any price. Working together in a group with Mr Korwin-Mikke of the Polish KNP party is a bridge too far for us. The PVV will continue to cooperate fully with the FN, the Lega Nord, the FPO and the Vlaams Belang even without the framework of a  formal EP group. Our aim is to form a group with additional partners later this year.'



Hans Jansen Wikipedia

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